comms approval process

The pain is real. Getting through layers of people to approve a pice of content, whether it’s a video, a design, a press release or other copy – it can be excruciating. Stay strong.  Keep fighting for what you know will make the piece engaging and useful to the audience. It might take the diplomacy…

corporate comms

Getting communications taken seriously in your organisation can seem fairly simple. Get management buy-in, regularly show the results of your work, get staff behind you and contributing. But still someone comes along and asks you to pretty up their poster, or ‘chuck out a press release’ and you feel like you want to chuck it…

comms facepalm bingo 1,2 and 3

Those daily annoyances can make you want to give up sometimes.  Stop! Turn that pain into a game! And remember, you are not alone – all over the country, comms teams are playing too. Tweet these cartoons  

design brief

Eve if you’re a mind-reader, you can’t know what someone wants if they don’t know what they want either. Tweet this comms cartoon

social media offence

If employees don’t know what’s appropriate to say, they’re either: Feeling disgruntled or misunderstood and need support from management. Unaware of the consequences of their comments and need education from the HR or learning and development team. The main point is this: the employee saying it is not the biggest problem – just why are…

community management 

That person who complains that social media is full of angry people whinging, then you look at that person’s tweets on their personal account and all they do is complain themselves. People have a right to complain, and if you can dish it out but not take it, you’re in the wrong job.