the curse of ‘busy’

I spend all my time helping comms people to be more creative and effective in their work. If there’s one thing I regularly see as a barrier to creativity, it’s being so bloody busy that you can’t think straight. I remember it used to make me feel important and useful to have so much on, it felt like I had no time to rest. Then I burnt out and made a load of crap decisions (which turned out OK, but still). Holidays, breaks, lunches, walks – they are not a luxury.  They’re fundamental to doing good work. Drop everything, know … Continue reading the curse of ‘busy’

don’t be a dick

I would like to share with you some old advice passed down to me through the generations: ‘Don’t be a dick’. This is my quick guide especially for comms pros to help you heed these words of wisdom. Evacuate when the ‘being a dick’ alarm sounds The ‘being a dick’ klaxon goes off when: Your haven’t thought about how it might affect other people You are ignoring a nagging voice in your head saying it’s a bit wrong You are being insulting or cruel Personally, I don’t always achieve success, but I do my best and I hope this post … Continue reading don’t be a dick


I’ve been researching ways to build confidence, and how I can instil it as part of my social media training for comms people. I heard recently that the brand, Innocent – who make the smoothies and soups – have a staff mantra that’s all about empowering staff to crack on and do interesting things. It’s this: “If you’re 70% sure, go ahead and do it.” Perfectionism is no friend to doing great things  – if I waited until everything here was perfect, you’d never see a single cartoon! Having confidence doesn’t mean blundering into any old decision Confidence is about … Continue reading confidence

The workload dilemma

I wanted to draw a representation of a workload dilemma I keep coming across. If you love your work, and you want to make a real difference, there are so many opportunities to find, and be given, interesting and rewarding projects to work on. But what about when this is combined with people giving you more and more tasks and activities, and when you don’t have any clear priorities  – it’s an impossible nightmare. I have amazing new ideas! They want it done today! We could get people interested in this! Don’t get overwhelmed by trying to take everything on. If … Continue reading The workload dilemma

freelancer facepalm bingo

It’s lovely being freelance, I love every minute. But often, people can forget that we don’t get paid for holidays, meetings, phone calls, coffee chats. And imagine how employed people would react if every month their employer stalled on paying their salary?! Everything – client management, finance, office cleaning, PR, motivation – is our own responsibility. It’s fantastic but no means an easy ride. So here’s a game of Freelancer Facepalm Bingo to make the requests and comments we get feel like fun. I hope you don’t get a full house too soon. If you’re a comms freelancer, you might … Continue reading freelancer facepalm bingo