I’ve been researching ways to build confidence, and how I can instil it as part of my social media training for comms people.

I heard recently that the brand, Innocent – who make the smoothies and soups – have a staff mantra that’s all about empowering staff to crack on and do interesting things.

It’s this:

“If you’re 70% sure, go ahead and do it.”

Perfectionism is no friend to doing great things  – if I waited until everything here was perfect, you’d never see a single cartoon!

Having confidence doesn’t mean blundering into any old decision

Confidence is about recognising that an idea, or some work, is pretty good, but you can’t control how people will react to it out once it’s in the world. But you do it anyway because you think it might be valuable, and it’s worth the risk.

Confidence means going for that lovely comms job, even if you know you haven’t had experience in all the things required of you.

Waiting to be 100% sure means nothing good will ever see the light of day, or you’ll never have the career you deserve.

So, when you’re lacking confidence – think about how sure you are.

70% means GO!


2 thoughts on “confidence

  1. Helen I swear you read my mind, your posts always come at the right time, you must be wired in to the Zeitgeist – either that or my head, I’m hoping not the latter! xx


    1. Well I reckon being in your head would be a fascinating place! Thanks for commenting, I don’t promote this blog much at the moment (but that’ll soon change), and so your words are a welcome change from the usual tumbleweed!


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