HelReynoldsCartoons here are by me, Hel Reynolds. I do very excellent social media and communication training.

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I find it’s sometimes more effective to say something by doodling than with a 500 word blog post, or whatever.

Sometimes, I’m making a silly joke. But I often try to make the cartoons boil down a problem into one concept that shows the problem for what it is, highlights its absurdity, or inspires us to tackle it with it with humour.

One of my earliest cartoons was this one, which was my way of expressing the huge waste of money that comes from budgets based on processes and culture that is dysfunctional and rewards unwanted behaviour.  We’d never spend our own money in such a fashion.

Anyway, I hope these scrawls make you think, make you smile or some other response, other than apathy.

Let me know what you think.

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