Cartoon and visual content workshops

Untitled drawing (13)Visual content doesn’t have to just be video & boring stock photography.

In this day long workshop you will learn how to use images, cartoons. flow charts, graphics, memes, other visualisations to improve your communications activities.

Choose from an internal comms or external comms workshop.

  • Capture the attention of information-overloaded audiences
  • Communicate tricky subjects
  • Connect with your audience’s emotions
  • Become more succinct & frank
  • Create more memorable messages
  • Increase understanding of complex information

Book your in-house one-day course: visuals, graphics & cartoons for internal comms now.

No graphic design are art skills are needed – but we will find ways to unlock your creativity. The day is both inspiring and practical.

We understand the science behind engaging people with imagery.

We will discover quick ways to find or create visual content.

We look at, and try, cartooning to communicate problems and challenges.

And lots more. Your team will love it.

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