I’ve been researching ways to build confidence, and how I can instil it as part of my social media training for comms people. I heard recently that the brand, Innocent – who make the smoothies and soups – have a staff mantra that’s all about empowering staff to crack on and do interesting things. It’s this: “If you’re 70% sure, go ahead and do it.” Perfectionism is no friend to doing great things  – if I waited until everything here was perfect, you’d never see a single cartoon! Having confidence doesn’t mean blundering into any old decision Confidence is about … Continue reading confidence

pubic relations

It’s so easy to send a highly embarrassing email. In response to my cartoon, drawn for the Institute of Internal Communication magazine, Voice, comms pros shared with me their email faux pas:  Announcing “erection results” “Apologies for incontinence caused” “Massage me at any time” An automatic door “operating erotically” Sending a “bollocking form” (booking form) And it seems quite a few of us have been challenged, or mortified, by our phones autocorrecting ‘busy’ to ‘busty’. Continue reading pubic relations