Hire a cartoonist

Hire @HelReynolds to bring your report to life

When you have a stack on information to communicate, it’s hard to get and keep the attention of your target audience.

Let Hel look at the data and tell a story using cartoons. You’ll be surprised how react with delight when they see some humour and visualisation!

Hel did this in 2018 with the results of a piece of research on communications professionals in the housing sector.

Hire @HelReynolds to deliver visual communications training

Visual content doesn’t have to just be video & boring stock photography.

In this day long workshop you will learn how to use images, cartoons, flow charts, graphics, memes, other visualisations to improve your communications activities.

Moe information is on the corporate workshops page.

Hire @HelReynolds as your event’s cartoonist in residence

Have the speakers, main messages, themes and learning from your event captured in cartoon form.

“As your cartoonist in residence I take part in your event by capturing quick doodles with quotes and messages that can be tweeted and shared throughout the day. The day after the event when I have considered an reflected on the atmosphere, content and key themes, I provide you with a large, colour cartoon summary of the entire event.”

This is perfect for workshops, conferences and training days.

  • Help delegates remember key massages and reinforce their learning with visualisation
  • Increase the social reach of your event by having engaging imagery to share online
  • Have a permanent, visual reminder of the experience.

Get in touch to arrange to have your own cartoonist in residence.

From the Boring Conference, May 2016