How you can use the cartoons

Would you like to:

  • Increase interest in your magazine, blog or website?
  • Illustrate a point?
  • Add visual content to your social media posts?
  • Liven up your slides in training or at conferences?
  • Make your audience smile?

Then @CommsCartoons might just do the trick!


Sharing the cartoons

Please share and enjoy the cartoons. Here’s how:


If you’re an individual blogging, you’re very welcome to use cartoons occasionally in your posts as long as you clearly post a link to the cartoon on this website and give a credit to Hel Reynolds.

Businesses and commercial blogs should contact me before using the cartoons.

Social media

On Twitter you may tweet with links to the original cartoon on this site and include a credit in the tweet text to @HelReynolds.

On Facebook you may post with links to the original cartoon on this website and a clear credit to Hel Reynolds.

Buy a CommsCartoon Standard Licence for £95 for one year

Buy a CommsCartoons Standard licence.  The licence allows:

Unlimited for businesses and not-for profit organisations to use of all of the cartoons for a whole year – for use in:

  • Website or blogs and social media posts
  • Magazines, leaflets and conference agendas
  • Slides and other screen projections at conferences and events

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A single cartoon licence is also available.

If you want to use cartoons for other purposes, for example to illustrate a published book, or if you wish to commission a cartoon, contact Hel for a quote.

If you’d prefer to pay by invoice or cheque please contact me.

Thank you!

All written and graphic content is Copyright © Helen Reynolds and 2015-2017. Unauthorised publication on web pages or in print will constitute an infringement of copyright.